Testimonials – Before And After The Workshop

Hear what people said before the workshop, about their expectations...

“I’m looking for… mind-bending, brain-refreshing technique that can help me do Innovation.”

Gil Bickel
IT Director, SAP Labs

“I don’t have many expectations, but I know its about time-management and managerial skills, so I hope to learn.”

Eyal Zvuluny
CEO & Founder, Whizz

“I’m really hoping to take away some tools that I can use in my personal and professional life.”

Li Ashrov
Account Manager, HiredScore

“I’m looking for personal improvement for my own life, and business wise as well.”

Ilan Zamir
President, Amber flooring, Inc.

“A different out-of-the-box kind of way to look at things.”

Tami Kiss
Aerobic Coordinator, Great Shape

Hear what people have said after the workshop...

“It opened my mind to different ways of how to handle day to day operations… The beauty of it is to operate myself rather, than operate others.”

Ilan Zamir
President, Amber flooring, Inc.

“Wonderful, I think it was an eye opener… Almost everybody should practice!”

Yoav Chelouche
Managing Partner, Aviv Venture Capital

“I learned a lot about… how the principles of meditation…could be used effectively to help in problem solving and finding opportunities.”

Jay Zaltzman
President, Bureau West: Market Research

“Helps to bring back “me” time. Reminds me to stay positive. A warm reminder about “self-caring”. The listening part was very good. It reminds me to listen more and to focus on people’s reaction.”

Nixie Lam
Hong Kong S.A.R. Tsuen Wan District Councillor

“Good to know that the orange bicycle is traveling so far and so well. It was a memorable event for me and has been of great benefit in shaping my own thought process.”

Mike Moir
CPS Project Director, Hong Kong Jockey Club

“My experience of orange-bike mindfulness meditation is great. Professor Sivan provides useful introduction for one to enter into the calm state of mind through various skillful means.”

Dr. Xue Ye
Centre of Chan Buddhism and Human Civilization
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

More testimonials (some are not native English, so pardon the English):

“Orange Bike Mind Workshop is a unique experience of diving into the mind from a logic and perceptive way. I took the workshop last year and got very important insights about how to manage my day-to-day stressful agenda on a way that is both open but also smart and strategic. The simple tools I received on that day “go” with me since then and I can say it was an experience I won’t forget – especially thanks to Yesha and his remarkable way of dealing with these complex issues.”  -Dr. Dana Bar-On

“Reinforcement of concept. Like the bike. Good selection of tools and how it can take place. Huge connection to openness, focus, and control. Helps creativity. Needs to practice daily. Think of pairing with ideation workshop.”

“About balancing openness and focus. Started with mind and branch outwards.”

“Bike concept very structured.”

“I was cynical at first. Some parts bored me. Two takeaways: 1. Feel comfortable just stop thinking about self. 2. Not to be reactive all the time and can be proactive. Good for work. Thinking of introducing it to my partners.“

“New experience. Help to think in new ways.”

“Got me to think that you can do it in your daily life. Not easy in a group situation but workshop provide a safe place to do meditations together. Feel comfortable. Need to seek out opportunities.”

“Make me aware that meditation can be open and not just focus. Tools can be used in HK to help people to get focus and can do them daily.”

“Bike metaphor simple. Good to bring to the community. People only tend to remember 3 things a time (“open, focus, control”).”

“Good packaging and attention to details. A good summary of basic techniques. How to relate tools to the bike.”

“About balancing openness and focus. Started with mind and branch outwards. Relaxing. Change the way of thinking.”

“Felt funny and awkward initially and kept thinking “Are you trying to change me?” Focus on “control”. Start to realize the power of meditation. Listening exercise useful. Help to dig out more from the conversation.”

“It’s the best workshop I’ve ever formed. Thank you, Professor Yesha Sivan. Sincerely.”

“Need to start meditation on a regular basis”

“Helps to bring back “me” time. Reminds to stay positive. Reminds about “self-caring”. Listening part very good. Remind to listen more and to focus on people’s reaction.”