• 1 Lesson

    15 Minute Free “Sample Course”

    This is a 15 minute free “Sample Course” for the full 4 hour Orange Bike Mind Workshop.


    In this bike:
    • the front wheel tells you where to go (= openness)
    • the back wheel propels you (= focus)
    • the person who sits in the middle masters both (= control)


    In this workshop, Professor Yesha Sivan will explain, share, and then train you to be more effective in your cognitive abilities, in three states typical to the age of innovation:
    • managing day to day
    • dealing with stress
    • harnessing new opportunities.


    The full course is divided into 4 sections:
    1. Theory – Introduction
    2. Practice – Three Basic Tools
    3. Practice – Three Advanced Tools
    4. Reflections – Next Steps
    This Sample Course offers a selection of lessons from the “Theory – Introduction” section.