25-Jan-2018 — תגובות הערכה

As part of the workshop, to encourage reflection, we ask participants to self-evaluate the workshop. We ask four questions:

Existing quality / Want to improve (choose from Open, Focus, Control)

3 ideas I remember

3 things to improve

3 things worked well

Here is an anonymized version of the things that worked well, enjoy:


Explanation of the theory

Practices & tools


Relaxing the mind

Understand meditation take various forms

Practice parts are perfect

Orange in everything (including eyeglasses)

Orange bike metaphor

It's the best workshop I've ever formed

Thank you, Professor Yesha Sivan. Sincerely.

Good to have sufficient exercises

Sharing among participants help us to understand

Good marketing, the pops, stationary, blanket > all echoes "orange " theme

Prof Energy? And try to relate his explanation and add on the ideas (good.)

Draw attention

A few ideas repeated

Good audience size/ mix

The purpose benefit of the seminar can be communicated More clearly in advance

Active listening

Open minded


Need to start mediation on a regular basis

Actively learn the benefit from the mediation

Very clear examples through the meditation

Size of class work is easy to work with others

Very thoughtful exercise from teaching to gifts

Like the showing session

Very interactive

Know the values by having all meditation during the workshop

Overall nature of the workshop

Good facilitation from Prof. Yesha

Good assistance from XXX

Very organized

Very articulate

Very generous in giving ideas, materials

The title can be changed to: Orange Bike mindfulness the key for Innovation?


Have time to relax & meditate

Always remind myself to be relaxed.

Structured theory and practice

Group activities

Clear lecture


Learning openness

Strategy is not to do something

Books all in orang

Participants if agree to appear  & practice to other people

Evaluation of progress

Allow participants… to share… but I know have to keep it confidential & silent for the value / future of the workshop

Meditation tools

Participation and interaction

Very clear elaboration

Well designed (course structure)

Well organized lecture

The tone of talk

Compact and informative

Moved from easy to more difficult – easy to transitions

Sharing from participants – similar feedings

Reminders – i.e. orange everything!

השאר תגובה

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