About Us

The Orange Bike Mind Workshop is designed to teach you how to ride a special kind of a bike – the bike of the mind. On this bike we “portray” three parts:

  • the front wheel tells you where to go = openness
  • the back wheel propels you = focus
  • the person who sits in the middle masters both =control

21st Century States of Mind

In this workshop, Professor Yesha Sivan will explain, share, and then train you to be more effective in your cognitive abilities, in three states typical to the age of innovation:

Day-to-Day Tasks

Improve your management of day to day tasks.

Stress Management

Dealing with stress that arises from work, life and family.

New Opportunities

How do we separate the noise from the real opportunities? How do we harness these opportunities?

Next Steps:

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: FAQs will provide further answer to your questions.
  • PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS: See all our previous workshops over the last few years in Israel and Hong Kong
  • ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Check our free fifteen minute sample course.
  • TESTIMONIALS: What should you expect from the workshop? See more of what past participants have said before and after workshop.