The origins of the “Orange Bike Mind”

There are many distinctions between people: a left-wing or right-wing. Man or woman. Lives in Tel Aviv or not. And so on.

And there is another distinction that is usually invisible to many people and is associated with the world of meditation – are you practicing meditation or not.

To be frank, for many years, until about 2013, I did not know it either. I associated meditation with candles and “new age” concepts such as “my other self,” self-realization, Bach flower remedies, etc. Everything fell into the same basket.

But life takes you into interesting things. As part of my Hong Kong Sabbatical, I “met” the subject. At first, through the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, and then with the work of others such as “Search Inside Yourself from Google on the one hand and Thich Nhat Hanh on the other.

In short, I discovered a fascinating and highly effective personal “mental tool”. Let’s just say that I have become much more effective following the practice meditation, (and those who know me know I’ve been pretty efficient even before 🙂

Yet, my “buzzy” mind (some would call it MONKEY MIND) raises a critical question: If meditation is so good – why relatively so few percentages of people see it? It seems to be a marketing challenge.

This question “occupied” my mind for a long time… until I found the solution in the form of The Orange Bike Workshop.

My thesis: in a 4 hours workshop, it is possible to “install” (using what is called “wise intervention”) what is meditation, how to practice it – and give the motivation to practice.

After about 15 workshops I can say that it works – for most people. Why? Because the workshop is planned to be a trigger that leads to a 10-minute daily mind workout in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening – and this mind practice generates the added value of the meditation.

To gain a better understanding of the workshop, kindly check the testimonials page.

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