What people say about the workshop (Orange Bike Eval – 25-Jan-2018)

As part of the workshop, to encourage reflection, we ask participants to self-evaluate the workshop. We ask four questions:

  • Existing quality / Want to improve (choose from Open, Focus, Control)
  • 3 ideas I remember
  • 3 things to improve
  • 3 things worked well

Here is an anonymized version of the things that worked well, enjoy:

  • Explanation of the theory
  • Practices & tools
  • Sharing
  • Relaxing the mind
  • Understand meditation take various forms
  • Practice parts are perfect
  • Orange in everything (including eyeglasses)
  • Orange bike metaphor
  • It’s the best workshop I’ve ever formed
  • Thank you, Professor Yesha Sivan. Sincerely.
  • Good to have sufficient exercises
  • Sharing among participants help us to understand
  • Good marketing, the pops, stationary, blanket > all echoes “orange ” theme
  • Prof Energy? And trys to relate his explanation and add on the ideas (good.)
  • Draw attention
  • A few ideas repeated
  • Good audience size/ mix
  • The purpose benefit of the seminar can be communicated More clearly in advance
  • Active listening
  • Open minded
  • Expressive
  • Need to start mediation on a regular basis
  • Actively learn the benefit from the mediation
  • Very clear examples through the meditation
  • Size of class work is easy to work with others
  • Very thoughtful exercise from teaching to gifts
  • Like the showing session
  • Very interactive
  • Know the values by having all meditation during the workshop
  • Overall nature of the workshop
  • Good facilitation from Prof. Yesha
  • Good assistance from XXX
  • Very organized
  • Very articulate
  • Very generous in giving ideas, materials
  • The title can be changed to: Orange Bike mindfulness the key for Innovation?
  • Openness
  • Have time to relax & meditate
  • Always remind myself to be relaxed.
  • Structured theory and practice
  • Group activities
  • Clear lecture
  • Listening
  • Learning openness
  • Strategy is not to do something
  • Books all in orang
  • Participants if agree to appear  & practice to other people
  • Evaluation of progress
  • Allow participants… to share… but I know have to keep it confidential & silent for the value / future of the workshop
  • Meditation tools
  • Participation and interaction
  • Very clear elaboration
  • Well designed (course structure)
  • Well organized lecture
  • The tone of talk
  • Compact and informative
  • Moved from easy to more difficult – easy to transitions
  • Sharing from participants – similar feedings
  • Reminders – i.e. orange everything!

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